Here’s your chance to help….

The summer is flying by…unfortunately the speed of sun and fun has caught your PPNA board off guard. The Summer Picnic was scheduled for the first Sunday in August, but we will not be able to coordinate the event for this year and we are sad to say the picnic will be canceled.

We would also at this time like to make a plea for new board members for the PPNA. The current board was recruited in Fall of 2005 and we have run out of steam. We will coordinate the Halloween Night Time Trick or Treat event for this fall, but would love to have some new board members in place to “train” to take over for the 2009-2010 membership year. We would be looking for a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

There are no requirements for the number of events you coordinate during the membership year. We have found over the past four years that the most well attended events are the Night Time Trick or Treat, Winter TGIF, Egg Hunt, Summer TGIF and Summer Picnic. In an effort to save on printing costs we have scaled back to two paper newsletters per year. We are currently maintaining an email list to keep in contact as well as the website and current events blog to communicate to the community.

Please consider taking the reins of your neighborhood association and be a part of what makes Wauwatosa a great place to live! If you have any questions at all about being a PPNA board member, please contact one of us:

Tammy Crouch 475-6345
Rachel Crouch 727-9952
Krista Hicks 454-0635

August 2nd ~4:00pm to 8:00pm – PPNA Summer Picnic

We are considering a seafood boil and Champion Chicken for our main dishes this year!   DJ Mark will be spinning the iPod dial, and if you want to hear anything special, be sure to pack your pod and Mark will hook you up. There’s plenty of room for outdoor games, so bring your bag-o or jarts, or whatever else you’d like to play. If you’d like to help out in any way, please contact Rachel at 727-9952.