Neighborhood Signs


The City of Wauwatosa wants to partner with Neighborhood Associations on the installation of street signs to identify each of the 29 Neighborhood Associations in Wauwatosa.  The PPNA is looking into this program and will be meeting this Saturday, September 19th at 10am at Cranky Al’s to discuss the possibility of PPNA signage.  Please join us if you have an interest in this project, questions and/or ideas about anything concerning our new membership year, which will start October 1st.  Look for your paper newsletter to be delivered in October and mark your calendar for our Membership Drive, October 26th.

Requirements from the city on signage:

City of Wauwatosa- Neighborhood Sign Guidelines

  • Must be a registered association
  • Standard size limited to 24X30- horizontal or vertical- if an exceptionis warranted the City will work with neighborhood association
  • Must be constructed of .080 inch aluminum and sourced through areputable sign company such as TAPCO
  • Limited use of red and yellow to minimize competition with trafficsigns
  • The City reserves the right to approve or reject any designsubmission
  • No installation fee- Department of Public Works will install a pair ofblack standard brackets
  • City will work with neighborhoods to determine locations
  • Sign mounted on existing light poles by City crews only
  • Signs must be flagged toward the sidewalk
  • Associations responsible for the initial cost of signs and cost ofreplacing worn or damaged signs.